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MAX Nutrition Partners ~ Customized Nutrition

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Why is Your DNA the Expert?

From the time you were born, your DNA has been in charge. It dictates your risk for developing specific diseases (ie. Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer), how  you gain and lose weight, if have addictions (including food), how you handle stress, and so much more. 

Knowing, and understanding your DNA, puts you in charge! Now you have the ability to overcome your family genetics and to work with your DNA for long term health! No more guesswork ~ Eat, drink, supplement and exercise for your DNA!


Your DNA Roadmap

For over 20 years I've been helping people learn how to eat, drink and supplement for optimal health. As a Certified Health Coach, I recommend only supplements that are scientifically proven, and certified safe and effective. 

Now I have a new tool in my toolbox! Genomic Wellness Testing gives my clients a nutrition program specific to their DNA!

As a Pracitioner with smartDNA ( I now have the ultimate tool for my clients!


How does this work?

Your DNA does not change; however, with the right nutrition, you can silence the genes that don't serve your health. A one-time saliva test will generate a road map for your DNA as it relates to your nutrition. 

You'll receive a detailed 97-page report, plus a 2-hour consultation with specific nutritional recommendations that you can immediately put into action!

We recommend only the best supplements beginning with cellular health and the products of Max International:


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